about me

Senior DevOps Engineer with over a decade of experience in managing, automating & optimizing mission critical deployments on Cloud Infrastructure.

Known for excellent client-facing skills, I have participated in proposals and presentations that have landed six-figure contracts. I also excel in merging business and user needs into high quality, cost-effective design solutions while keeping within budgetary constraints.



Functional Programming, Machine learning, Automated Testing, Continuous Integration, Software Infrastructure, Cooking, Cricket Amazon Web Services (AWS), IT Infrastructure Management, Elasticsearch, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD), Web Services, DevOps, E-commerce, Shell Scripting, Test Automation, System Administration, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Web Applications, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Core Competencies:

Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Project and Quality Management, Engineering, Architecture, and Design Solutions, Technology Strategy, Directions, and Road Map, Business Process and System Integration, Agile and Scrum Development Methodologies, Continuous Integration and Deployment, Team Participation and Technical Leadership, Implementation of Software Life Cycle Models, Process Implementation and Productivity Improvement, Programmer-oriented Testing Frameworks.


Eager to explore DevOps opportunities in

Austrlia's Tech Hubs, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and beyond

if you have an opportunity matching my skills or experience, please feel free to reach out. I will be more than happy to schedule a call to discuss more.